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The Value of Home Inspections

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TO BUYER: The inspection process is a very important part of purchasing your new or previously owned home. It is the most cost-effective way for you to know the condition of what you are buying. It makes good sense to spend a little time and money for an inspection since a home is normally the largest purchase of a lifetime. Your presence at the inspection ensures complete understanding of the report and provides for you a better definition of the major purchase you are about to make.

dallas texas homes New homes go through numerous inspections by local agencies as they are being built to ensure that they comply with local building codes and ordinances. However, despite the best efforts of builders and city inspectors, some things can be overlooked or could be a cause of future concern.

For previously owned homes and new construction, your inspector is there to give you an objective picture regarding the present condition of the home AT THE TIME OF INSPECTION. Home buyers should seriously consider an inspection for both pre-owned and new homes.

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Important Points To Know
Dallas Texas homesThe inspection is of the condition of the property at that point in time. It is not a guarantee of future condition or that the home will always comply with building, zoning, or electrical codes. The inspection is a practical, nondestructive examination and is limited to visual, audible, and operational techniques.

Dallas TX homesThe inspector inspects what is agreed to in the purchase contract. If there is something out of the ordinary you are concerned about, make sure it is on the Property Condition Addendum and make sure the inspector gets a copy.

Dallas homesSecurity systems, smoke and fire alarms, and evaporative coolers may not be included.

Plano TX homesAttic and crawl spaces with inadequate clearance cannot be accessed and will not be inspected.

Plano Texas homesSwimming pool structures are not checked for leaks. Pumps, filters, and aboveground piping are checked for correct mechanical operation.

Plano homesAll structural, mechanical, and electrical systems are included in the inspection.
Structural items include floors, foundations, load-bearing walls, roof framing and directly related items such as site drainage and water penetration.
Mechanical items include plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, and sprinkler systems.
Electrical systems, appliances, fireplaces, roof, garage door operation, windows, steps, stairways, rails, and balconies are checked.

This is a mechanical/structural inspection, so things considered to be cosmetic in nature will not be included (e.g., torn wallpaper, worn carpet, missing drawer pulls, scratches, dents).

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TO SELLER: Prior to inspection, you should repair items that need it. Don't let a lot of little things influence your Buyer's opinion about the condition of the property. Here are several suggestions: Need a plumber?

Dallas TX homesRepair any known leaks in plumbing.

Plano TX homesCaulk/grout in kitchen and baths where needed.

Richardson TX homesHave heat and air conditioner serviced, coils cleaned if needed.

Carrollton TX homesWindow and door screens need to be in place. Observe insulated windows for leaks or fogging.

Lewisville TX homesInstall GFI switches (ground fault interrupters) where needed. Check with local code enforcement officers or licensed electricians.

Dallas Texas homesRemove any dirt or foliage that is on the brick/siding, as this is a termite conducive condition. Remove woodpiles that are next to the house.

Plano Texas homesClean gutters and downspouts.

Richardson Texas homesPlease have clear access for the inspector to enter the attic and crawl space both in the garage and inside house.

Frisco TX homesLight all pilots.

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