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REALTOR Services for
New Construction Home Buyers

Dallas new construction

I can work with most builders and can do all the research necessary to make wise buying decisions, but I MUST be registered with the builder(s) on your initial visit to their model. Because builders create their own versions of the sales contracts, they may leave out many of the consumer protections afforded you by the State of Texas REALTOR contracts. It is very important that a trained agent review the builders' documents before you sign.

By letting me help you with builders, you get all the services listed below, as well as those offered by the builder, all at NO COST to you.

You'll get more help, but you won't pay more for it, because most agent fees are paid out of the builder's corporate advertising funds, not the sales price of the home.

Dallas new homes and builders

Search New Construction

New Home REALTOR Assistance

As your buyer representative during the purchase of a newly constructed home, I will

  • Evaluate quality vs. price of reputable builder possibilities
  • Evaluate floorplans for obvious design flaws and for proper "fit" with Buyer's needs
  • Evaluate lot locations, traffic patterns, drainage and other possible future impacts on value
  • Make recommendations regarding cost-effective upgrade options
  • Investigate builder allowances and other possible price concessions; identify benefits within your relocation policy.
  • Review builder's contract form (learn what the meaning of the terms really are)
  • Attend design center appointment
  • Maintain availability throughout the construction phase for advice or questions
  • Make on-site visits after sheetrock to identify fatal-flaw issues
  • Do final walk-through with buyer; recommend mechanical inspection firms
  • Attend closing with buyer and review closing statement

Dallas new homes and builders
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